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I will not be your “sometimes”.
—Six Word Story #2 (via whispersofstardust)
Anonymous asked:
I just had sex with my crush and WE MADE UP PUNS AND LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME it was fucking great



Anonymous asked:
Why do people feel that depression is something to be ashamed of. I mean you shouldn't want it but having it doesn't mean you're being pathetic or going crazy. It basically means that you've been torn by your emotions. You don't need to medicated or fixed, just need some understanding, or love. You've just experienced things that have had a huge impact negative impact on you, but they're still living and surviving, even when things get difficult. I thinks this goes for all "mental illnesses".

I think that the majority of this ask is incredibly ignorant. Depression and most mental illnesses are ILLNESSES.

they are not cured by understanding or love. those things help, but they do not cure them. 

they are chemical inbalances. 

depression is not simply being sad or going through tough things 

honestly i am so angry i have so much to say but i should stop because this message made me so fucking angry dont send me a message like this ever again bc i will block you


i was too kinky for that boy anyway

Anonymous asked:
I really like your taste in music, I try hard to find music that melodic, soft, and connects with my depression, like the music understands that I just need some peace, not chirpiness and energy. So thanks for sharing your music

omg ofc angel 

if u want i can post some of my playlists some time :-)

me: *scared of needles*
me: *has tattoo and piercing anyway* 

Anonymous asked:
What was getting your nose piercing like? Do you loveee it now? Im thinking of getting one :))

it was super easy tbh and im scared of needles so thats saying a lot 

like i was shaking and crying a little bc i was so scared but they put the needle in and it didnt hurt at all like not even a little bit it just felt kinda weird cause i could feel it going through

it was sore for like 3 days after but not very only a little bit and i have felt it at all since and honestly it was totally worth it 

its fast and painless and over before you know it just make sure you take care of it really well until its healed 

like this if u have a themes tag on ur blog


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precumming replied to your post: anonymous said:Precummingi dont k…


u r beautiful

godgender im gonna do ur URL thing i promise im just tired of them rn but i will get to it and i will do it privately probably cause itll be my last one ok!! but i will i promise!!!